Munich Monday--Homemade Cream of Chicken Soup

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This week America will be celebrating Thanksgiving.  We will gather as families and friends to relax, enjoy one another's company, and to give thanks for bounteous blessings. Some will lounge about the TV room watching football while others will be working hard in the kitchen to prepare this years feast.  This much loved holiday is our one holiday that is truly all about the food; comfort food which will send us into sleepy dreams in the afternoon.

Our family tradition--Normally a Thanksgiving Tree, but the girls wanted a turkey this year.  The concept is the same, on the the leaves or feathers are written our "I am thankful for...".

Potatoes are a staple in every American Thanksgiving feast--it may take on different forms, mashed being the preferred, but this year I wanted cheesy (or funeral) potatoes.  Only problem was, I needed Cream of Chicken--it's a horribly unattractive and unhealthy glop, but it is essential for cheesy potatoes.  It's also not found in Munich.  So, I turned to the internet and lo and behold, you can make it yourself.  
Cream of Chicken is quite easy to make, it's just milk, flour, chicken broth and some herbs.  I used the recipe found here, then added some chives (the grass in the background).  I only needed about 2 cups and this recipe made at least 4, so you could easily cut it in half.   I did find the finished product to taste a bit like flour, but once the cream of chicken was mixed with the other ingredients for the potatoes it tasted very good and cooked up very nicely.