Munich Monday

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I love all things Greek, Roman and ancient, so when a friend told me there was a Pompeii exhibit in Munich I was all over it!  I should have known having been to the real Pompeii and Herculaneum that I would be disappointed, but to be fair, how can you compete with the actual city?  Perhaps my biggest beef is the cost of admission.  At €12, plus €5 for the audio guide,  it's a steep price to pay for the relatively small exhibit.

I am a huge fan of Roman mosaic.  The tesserae in this ocean scene are so tiny it's impressive!

The core of the exhibit is centered around a villa called The House of Meander.  On display are artifacts recovered from the site surrounded by photographs of the actual villa. There isn't much in the way of quantity, but at least what they display is quality.  One of the more impressive display cases contains silver table settings which at the time of the destruction were already 100 years old.

The room displaying the plaster casts of those caught in the volcanic storm puts a real human touch on the eruption of Vesuvius.  Parents holding children and lovers embracing one another can't help but make you pause and sigh. 

Undoubtedly, my favorite room was the Garden Room in which hang 3 large sections of painted wall. I am crazy about the colors; the muted hues are so relaxing and the attention to detail is surprising.  Archaeologists have identified several species of flora and fauna native to the Gulf of Naples.

The Kunsthalle exhibit can't compete with museums in Rome or Naples, but if visiting Italy is out of your reach, then you might not mind €12 price tag.  Pompeii is such an impressive place that to partake of it's beauty, even on a small scale, is sure to prove worthwhile.

The Details
Der Kunsthalle der Hypo-Kulturstiftung
Dates: 15 November-23 March 2014
Address: Theatinerstr. 8
Hours:  Daily 10am-8pm
Cost: €12 adults/children 6-18 €1
Tip:  Monday, admission is half price!