Porto Architectural Elements--Doors and Windows

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In anticipation of Fall Break I surfed the web for inexpensive destinations and for €240 my entire family could fly roundtrip to Portugal.  We flew into Porto, spent a day and a half there, then rented a car and drove south to Lisbon.  

Porto is the little sister to Lisbon.  She isn't as big and hasn't been revitalized like her older sister, but she is famous for Port production, she has a much more interesting waterfront and she boasts a bridge designed by Gustave Eiffel, builder of the Eiffel Tower. There aren't many 5* things to do in Porto, but it is a visually stunning (in a decaying kind of way) city.   More than anything, I enjoyed walking through the streets looking at the architecture.  
We booked an apartment with go2:oporto.  The staff was fantastic.  They picked us up at the airport, and when the lock to our apartment broke, they spent most of Sunday getting it fixed so we could get
back into the apartment by evening.  The apartment was across from the Palacio da Bolsa in the Ribeira neighborhood.  The location was good and a very easy walking distance to the University area above town.
Porto is great for exploring, however it's very hilly.  I'd recommend leaving the ballet flats at home and wearing sensible shoes.  Porto has a metro and street cars, but we never needed them in town.  The only time we used the metro was when we picked up our car outside the city.
Portugal is known for it's tiled buildings.  An influence left by the Moor's, tiles come in many colors, patterns and styles.  Since the city received the designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, buildings downtown have to maintain a certain look about them.  Original iron work cannot be removed and changes to the style of a building are not allowed. Renovation is costly, so almost half sit vacant.


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