Augsburg Christmas Market

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The Christmas market season is over now in Germany, but I had to share one more we attended on the 23rd. The market in Augsburg just may be my new favorite.  Clustered inside the main square square in front of the Rathaus, the Augsburg market is delightful.  The elements are all the same; gluhwein, wieners, crepes, and cold, but I like that the Christmas market is adjacent to normal shopping so if the stalls don't have what you are looking for the "mall" stores are right there as well.
The vibe of the market was happy and busy!  And, if you really want to kill two birds with one stone there is some good sight seeing to be had.  Augsburg is Germany's second oldest city named after Cesar Augustus, I've written about it here.
We ate dinner at Azsteakas.  We didn't have a reservation, but it is a good idea to make one as the restaurant was busy.  We haven't eaten much red meat since moving to Germany because we've found it expensive and tough, but the meat served at Azsteakas was delicious.  Bob ate the ribeye, I ate the Salat Rindfillet and the girls had hamburgers.  Two thumbs up, we'll be back again!
At the end of the night we stopped in at Henry's Coffee for some tasty hot chocolate. The service was a little lacking, but the cafe had a good atmosphere and the hot cocoa was very rich.  I am literally standing with my back to the coffee shop in the photo below.
Goodbye Christmas, we'll see you next year.