Coimbra, Portugal

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On our last day in Portugal we made a quick stop in Coimbra, Portugal's oldest university town. We did a lightening fast walk through the city as we only had about 2 hours.  The main drag is filled with stores, cafes and bakeries. We sampled the pastries, but found them lacking--dry and well, not worth the calories. The town, however, is delightful. 

Monastery of Santa Cruz

This is the tomb of Portugal's first king, Afonso I, he succeeded in driving out the Moors.

We ate lunch at the local market called Mercado Municipal Dom Pedro.  For about €20 the four of us ate a simple meal of chicken, fries and salad.
The architectural highlight of the city is the university.   Begun in 1290, it is one of the oldest universities in the world and was granted Unesco status in June of this year. I can't help but wonder what it would be like to study at a university with such history--maybe it would be the same; chemistry is hard no matter where you learn it, right?
When the university opened it only taught law, medicine, logic and grammar.  Later it added astronomy and geometry to accommodate its seafaring explorers.
I swiped the photo above from Wikipedia
This student was draped in a black cape--I am not sure what she was doing, but the photo looked so much better in b/w, Hogwarts-ish.
This is the back side of the Coimbra Cathedral.