Ice Skating at the Airport?

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Merry Christmas! I've taken some time off from the blog as the details of Christmas began to overwhelm me.  I am now enjoying some time off with my family in Florence.  Posts about that trip will follow shortly, but first I must catch up on some fun things we've done in Munich to take advantage of the holiday season.
   above photo not my own
Who knew there was a Christmas Market at the Munich Airport and in the middle of it was an iceskating rink?  Between terminal 1 and 2 the large courtyard is transformed into a winter wonderland filled with stalls selling gifts, gluhwein, wieners and crepes.  My husband was away on business so when he returned we met him at the airport.  With only my i-phone camera, the photos aren't that great but you get the feel of it.  
The Details
Hours: 11am-9pm daily thru December 29th
Cost: Use of the ice skating rink is free. Skate rental is €4 for 2 hours.
Tip: Park in lot 20.  When you rent your skates or make a purchase you will be given a voucher for 5 hours of free parking.
The skating rink isn't that big, but we had a very nice time. They played great music and if you have a hankering for curling there is a lane right next to the rink.  Are all airports this fun?  I doubt it, but they should be!

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  1. Oh wow how amazing is that! Hope you've had a lovely Christmas.