Munich Monday

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I've been to the Viktualien Market a dozen times, it's Munich's oldest food market. It's a great place to find fresh cheese, fish, flowers and of course, fruits and vegetables.   I enjoy the biergarten atmosphere during the spring and summer, I didn't realize however, it is equally enjoyable during the holiday season. The Maypole gets a makeover with added Christmas lights and stalls sell Christmas ornaments made from natural products.  You will find lots of potpourri hangings, wreaths and winter berry branches.  Sip a warm cider as you walk through the market and enjoy an atmosphere a little less hurried than the Christmas market at Marianplatz.    
The Details
Address: Viktualienmarkt 3 Munich
Hours: M-F 10am-6pm, Sat 10-3, Sun closed
Tip: It is polite to ask if you can photograph one's stall, (food included)--believe it or not, they sometimes say no. Also, don't man handle the fruit.  If you want to buy something point to it and they will pick it up for you.  
I absolutely love the warm glow cast by the setting sun on these buildings.
There is a small toy museum in that tower.  If you fancy antique toys from a bygone era it's worth a look. You'll see trains, Barbie's, stuffed animals and doll houses.

The Details
Address: Marianplatz 14
Hours: 10-5:30
Cost: €4 adults, €1 children, €8 family
Time: 45 minutes
The Heiliggeistkirche or Holy Ghost Church, originally built in the 14th century has been remodeled so what you see today is a Rococo flourish of beauty.  Walking under a canopy of gods, tall, white columns lead you down the center isle toward a golden alter.  The church is so light and airy compared to its exterior you can't help but be delighted when you enter.