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I found these fantastic photos my daughter took at a farmer's market in Greece and had to show them off.  I am a bit late in delivering these recommendations, but below is a list of things I can recommend in Athens. You can read more about our trip here, here and here.
Athens Cypria Hotel
5 Diomias Str. Syntagma
Athens 10563 Greece
As we drove into town I was a little skeptical about the location, but it ended up being just fine.  We were right off a main pedestrian shopping way with several restaurants nearby.  Our room was simple with 4 single beds in a row, but most importantly it was clean and the breakfast which was included was very good. The staff were very accommodating when there was a mix up in our room reservation.  
Mitropoleos 69 Monastriaki Square
Athens, Greece
+39 210 324 4705
This restaurant was recommended by our tour guide; he said it was a local favorite and he must be right because it was packed both times we ate there.  Despite being in a central location for tourists the restaurant felt like it was full of locals, at least I didn't hear any other languages being spoken. They serve typical Greek food, but man, the meat was good!  And the garlic sauce and the bread and the salad; it was all tasty!
Buy fruit from the fresh stands!  We bought a 5 kilo bag of oranges and snacked on them the entire week; they dripped of juice and the strawberries we bought were sweeter than any I've eaten before. Be smart and wash your fruit, but eat it quickly because fruit this fresh doesn't last very long. 

Buy the Acropolis Combo Ticket, it's more cost effective than purchasing individual tickets.  For €12 you gain access to 5 other sites and children under 18 are free.  You can purchase tickets at any of the participating sites.  

Take a free Walking Tour.  I've become a fan of free walking tours.  Guides work for tips so they want to deliver a good performance and when you are traveling with children who wants to pay full price for a little one who is day dreaming the entire time?  Walking tours provide a good overview of the city and the guides can usually recommend restaurants or other "don't miss" sites. You can read about our Athens Walking Tour here.  

Bonus* Get an education in Olive Oil, then buy some! Every souvenir shop sells olive oil, but what is the best brand, from which region do you buy, & what acid percent is acceptable?  With prices ranging from €3-25 there is clearly a difference, but I had no idea until I started asking.  Every shop keeper was willing to answer my questions, but one in particular was very patient as he described to me the nuances of olive oil.  I ended up buying 3 bottles from him.  We wrapped them up tight in plastic bags, packed them in our checked luggage and they arrived home safely.  

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  1. looks like an awesome place to visit, and will stop by the other posts you have done on this. Believe you are going to take up my entire coffee before work today! What a fun place to visit.