A Short Stop in Lucca

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Originally settled by the Etruscans then annexed by the Romans, Lucca is a quaint town just north of Pisa and a favorite destination in Tuscany.  I was excited to stroll along the medieval ramparts-turned park-surrounding the city, do some shopping in the historic center and step inside a few of the more than 100 churches that dot the city. Unfortunately, our trip was cut short due to my getting sick so we only got an evening walk in, but I do have two good recommendations to share and a hope that we will make it back again some day.    
The Details
Antica Residenza Santa Chiara Bed and Breakfast
Via Chiara 12 55100 Lucca

This charming bed and breakfast is just inside the city walls and convenient to the main shopping drag. The room was spacious and the bed was one of the most comfortable we've slept on. They offered free wi-fi, free onsite parking and a simple breakfast was included.  The receptionist was super; she could not have been more pleasant or helpful.
The oval shaped Piazza dell'Anfiteatro was once a Roman theater, now it is a circular ring of shops and restaurants. As we passed through one of the ancient tunnels we emerged onto the square surrounded by buildings lit up by christmas lights.  It was such a festive touch, but I wondered what the scene would have looked like during Roman times or how a gladiator might have felt emerging to a cheering crowd.
We had to wait until almost 10pm to eat dinner because we didn't have reservations at what was clearly a local hot spot. The Antica Drogheria was hopping!  Located in what appears to be an old drug store the building has a nostalgic feel to it. At 7:30pm all tables were reserved.  When we returned at 9:30pm the tables were still full and there was a line of people, like us, hoping to get in for the second shift of dinner.

By now you may have gathered, we like pizza and salad!  We don't have fancy pallets, but we do know our fresh greens and pizza!  The buffalo mozzarella cheese was excellent, the lettuce crisp and the pizza was very good. My daughter who is a connoisseur of gnocchi, said her meal was okay, but nothing extraordinary.  Table charge was €2/person, but they did offer us a liter of chilled table water for only .50 which was nice.  It is such a foreign concept for Americans to pay for tap water, but in Europe where it is standard, to only have to pay .50, that's a bargain.  

The Details
Antica Drogheria Enoteca Pizzeria
Via Elisa 5,  55100 Lucca
Tel. 0583 467732

Entrance to main shopping drag.
I am so disappointed we didn't have a chance to explore the city and surrounding area during the day, but mother nature had something else in mind for me and that included 3 days in bed. There's always next time, right?