Gelato in Lucca

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I think we may have found a little gem.  As we drove from Pisa to Lucca, we passed this gelateria with a bright yellow sign.  My husband made a sharp right hand turn into the parking lot and said, "shall we give it a try?"  La Perla only had about 10 flavors in small round tins, but oh my, what tasty flavors they were. Between the 4 of us we tried about 5 of them; chocolate, vanilla, mint, straciatella, & strawberry.

A bakery as well, it appeared to be a local hot spot with not another soul speaking English.   They offer home made chocolates, pastries and coffee. I am pretty sure this is off the beaten path for most tourists, but if you are ever find yourself driving from Pisa to Lucca on the local roads, stop in, I promise the gelato won't disappoint!

La Perla
Via Nuova Per Pisa, 1865
Massa Pisana-Lucca