Hiking in Garmisch

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Garmisch, Germany is a great little town about an hour south of Munich. It was host to the 1936 Winter Olympics, has some of the best skiing in Germany and it is home of the Zugspitz, Germany's tallest mountain.  It is a resort area featuring loads of hiking trails to enjoy nature's beauty, but the one place you don't want to miss is the Partnachklamm.  

The Partnach gorge is stunning and a perfect hike for families.  Not too long or steep, it is very manageable for smaller children. Plus, at one point there is a sort of fork in the road where you can cut across the gorge and head down or continue northward.   Being the fitness nut my husband is, we continued to the top before winding our way back down into the gorge.  The trail is quite wet so good shoes are a must and I'd bring a parka because the gorge is pretty misty and drips a lot of water. 
The Details
Address:  Garmisch-Partenkirchen 82467 
From the Olympic Ski Stadium you will walk about 25 minutes on paved road to the head of the trail.   
Parking: There is a large paid parking lot in front of the Olympic Ski Jump area. 
Cost: €3.50 adults/€2.00 children
Hours: 8am-6pm/summer; 9am-5pm/winter--check website for possible closures during the winter.
Time: Round trip from the parking lot took about 2 hours.
Tips: Wear sturdy shoes and a parka.  Restrooms are in the parking lot and again at the head of the trail. Toilets cost .50.  
Photos taken with my i-phone...sorry. 

In the photo above I am standing on a bridge that spans the gorge.  I kept telling myself, "don't drop your camera!" This is where you can short cut across the gorge.  
If you hike all the way to the top, this is what you will find. 
Now we've made our way back down to the river and the head of the gorge. 
As the water compresses into the narrow gorge it becomes a raging torrent and the sound is amplified by the high walls.  
In the photo below you can just make out the foot path along the left side of the river. 
I never cease to be amazed at the world's beauty.  Thank you, Mother Nature, it was lovely.


  1. Beautiful! How fun that you can experience it!

  2. Beautiful.

    I like doing nature walks. There is a place near us called Box canyon that we really hiking through several times a year. Thanks for posting these lovely pics :-)


  3. This looks like an amazing place to hike in, and how lucky you are to be living close enoough to visit and see this!

  4. So glad you stopped by and posted on my Partnach Gorge post. I admit, my husband coerced my into hiking to the top too but I'm glad we did, it's so beautiful up there! Plus, I think you got some great photos with your iPhone!