It Arrived!

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When we returned from Morocco a small white package was leaning against the door.  I knew immediately what is was, my 2012 blog book from Blurb.  It is so gratifying to watch my girls excitedly comb through the pages reading and remembering our adventures.  This is why I keep a blog, to keep a family history. Admittedly, I do not share some of our more private moments on the blog, so it is a bit lopsided on the travel side of things, but it's a fair representation of our lives. 
The process of editing takes me a long time--like months--because I don't like the standard template the blog entries get slurped into. That means I have to go through and move just about every single photo and with 880 pictures (this is my biggest book to date) it simply takes time. There are many templates to choose from and even a "create your own" so the options are almost limitless.
I make the 7x7 book size--That is what I chose for my first book and I like the continuity of sameness, so I've stuck with it, but you can go bigger if you want.  Picture quality is good.  If you enlarge a photo beyond good visibility, the program will prompt you.  I've even ignored a few of it's warnings and the photos have turned out fine, but it's better to heed the warning then be disappointed.
I do not get paid by Blurb, but I should as I tell everyone about their blog to book service; I have used them to print out my blog since 2008.  


  1. That is a brilliant idea! I have been wanting to make a book of my trips, but I just don't have the time...
    Yours looks really nice!!

  2. What a fun idea to print out your blog! I have heard of blurb, and will check it out. I have another blog friend who does her blog once a year. Great to have for your kids to enjoy,