Sneak Peak, Morocco

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I had hoped to get this posted yesterday...We are in Morocco for the Marrakech Marathon which my husband ran on Sunday. Below is a sneak peak at our trip--these were taken while he was running and we were trying to make our way to the finish line; so, so many distractions!
We are staying in a Riad very near the spice market (will give details later).  Just look at the amazing colors of everything!  I certainly am not the first to describe Morocco, so I don't expect to be original, but this place really is an assault on the senses.  I promise more details when I am not so tired.
I have to give my husband a shout out!  Well done, honey!


  1. Have to say that market does look quite incredible! and congrats to your husband on a great run! Will look forward to seeing more photos of this. pretty amazing looking. I would be ruined here I am afraid.

  2. Thank you, Jeanne. It has been an interesting trip.