Munich Monday

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I love the idea of bringing back something old from Germany home to the United States, but antique stores can be so expensive! Especially if something is "on-trend" like distressed mirrors, then forget about it.  When I first moved here anytime I was downtown, I'd stop in every antique store I passed, but I could never find one that that,  A. had what I wanted  B. I could afford.

Then I noticed an antique store in Haimhausen (about 20 minutes north of Munich) where my children attend school.  It has awfully short hours, but I managed to make it up there one day when it was open and I had a few minutes to spare.  I was looking for a wooden bread bowl, but noticed the metal grate near the entrance.  I inquired about the bowl which he did not have, but he took my number and promised to call when he found one.  Low and behold, he called me two days later.  

I was not crazy about the wooden bowl, but my eye was still catching the metal grate, so I inquired...It is a piece of fencing from an upper crust home in Vienna from around the turn of the century. He even wrote down which neighborhood it came from.  As you can see, I bought it.  Truthfully, I wouldn't know if this thing was pulled out from a trash heap, but I liked it and at the end of the day that's what matters, right?  
If you are in the market for affordable antiques, check this place out. I am sure as soon as I post this I will discover other affordable shops and when I do, I promise to share!

The Details
Antik und Kunst Grune
Address: Dorfstrasse 26 Haimhausen 85778  08133 6142
Hours: Really sparse!  Th/F 2-6pm  Call if you need another time.