Füssen, Germany

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After our hike to Ehrenberg Castle we stopped in Füssen for a bite to eat. Here's a tip we continue to  learn the hard way...you won't find many quality restaurants open between 2-5pm.  We  did find a pizza restaurant, but as it was only mediocre I won't share the details, instead I will delight you (I flatter myself) with pictures from ANOTHER German town.  According to my children, they all look the same after a while.  
*Füssen began as a Roman town, a station along the trade route between Italy and northern Europe
*Most people come into the area to see the neighboring castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau
*The oldest fresco in Germany is found in St. Mang's Basilica 
*During World War 2, Füssen had a sub-camp of Dachau concentration camp in town. 
St. Mang's Basilica

The Hohes Schloß or High Castle was once the summer residence of clergy from Augsburg.  The inner court complex was built between 1490-1504.
The exterior walls are flat, but painted to look 3D.  In my photos you can not see the effect, but in person you really had to take a second look because the window boxes did seem to project themselves from the wall.  Very cool illusion.


  1. Oh my! These are all beautiful! Love the colors of the houses/storefronts AND the frescoes!!!

  2. The 3D walls make the place look like a total fairy tale. And you weren't kidding yourself....these shots do delight!