Munich Monday Egyptian Museum

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Last June Munich opened a new Egyptian Art Museum and I have to say I was really impressed!  It's certainly not big like the Louvre or British Museum, but in a way I think that works in its favor.  Those other museums have so much stuff your eyes end up glazing over as you pass through the galleries. Here, we paid much more attention to each piece because there isn't the redundancy you find in larger museums.  It was the perfect size for my 9 year old who likes Egyptian stuff, but doesn't have an all day attention span.

I also like the facade of the museum--Instead of walking up stairs into the "traditional" Greek styled building you walk down, as if entering an Egyptian temple--I thought it very clever on the part of the architects.  The museums has a "hands on" area where you can touch rocks and sculptures and the touch screen computer graphics are very good.  I was most impressed with the "Book of the Dead." The scroll is about 20 feet long and a computer screen slides below the entire panel.  It will illuminate what ever you are immediately looking at and give explanations of text and pictures. Really, really impressive!

The Details
Address: Gabelsbergerstr. 35 80333 Munich
Cost: €7 adults, free for children 
Hours: T-Sun 10am-6pm
Transportation: U2 Königsplatz, tram 27 or Bus 100 Pinakotheken
Time:  We stayed about an 1.5 hour
Tip: Audio guide is only in German, but all signage and computer screens have English.

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