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If you've been reading my blog for any length of time you know I love history and really enjoy museums which makes it painful for me to write a negative review of the Jewish Museum.  Spin it as I might, I just can't say it was worth my time or money.  I will try to paint an accurate picture, then let you judge for yourself.

First, the positives...I love St. Jakobs Platz!  It is great spot to sit and enjoy the sun.  See that truncated house?  That's actually a fountain. During the summer little kids play in it. With their giggles of laughter and sun warming your skin this platz is perfect for reading or enjoying lunch.  There are eateries nearby and good shopping in the area.

Now, for the museum itself.  Suffice it to say, it is limited.  Despite the fact there are three floors of display space the building feels empty.  The bottom floor houses the permanent exhibit--dedicated to Jewish life.  A sign at the beginning of the exhibit basically says, Jewish life and relics were so successfully removed from Munich during the 1930-40's, the exhibit is a fragmentary collection of items important in Jewish life.  Okay--I get that.  And actually, I found it very interesting to read up on Jewish holidays, rituals, and beliefs.  There is also a large interactive city map on the floor that lights up pictures on the wall when you place the appropriately number placard on the matching number on the map.  These show important Jewish related sites in Munich--that was interesting.  

The next two floors are dedicated to temporary exhibits and as far as I can tell, the only thing the current exhibit has to do with Jewish life is that the artist herself is Jewish.  The exhibit is a pictorial chronicling a journey she took via the train chatting to strangers about... life... Honestly, I was so disappointed, I tuned out, so perhaps I missed the larger meaning.   Before leaving I spoke with some one at at the info desk about my lack-luster experience.  He simply smiled and nodded his head as if I wasn't the first to walk away scratching my head.

This is NOT a Holocaust museum. There is scare a word about World War 2.  If that is what you are envisioning, just stop, you will be disappointed.  Over the years I've been to a number Holocaust/Jewish History museums so I have an idea of what is out there and for me, the Munich museum is a missed opportunity.

The Details
Judisches Museum
Address: St. Jakobs Platz 16
Transportation: 5-7 minute walk from Marianplatz
Hours: Tues-Sun 10am-6pm
Cost: €6 (website advertises €4)


  1. Too bad about the disappointing nature of this museum.

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