Weekend Hike--Ehrenberg Castle

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The weather has been so beautiful lately and we've had such a mild winter I've been inspired to be outside as much as possible. Going off a tip from a friend of mine who visited Ehrenberg Castle earlier in the month (you can see her blog here) we drove down to Reutte, Austria last Saturday for this super family friendly hike.  At the base of the hike there is a medieval museum with "hands on" exhibits for children and a playground.  In July there will be a Renaissance festival in Reutte, click here for details. 

The Details 
Address:  Castle Ehrenberg Klause 1 A-6600 Reutte, Austria
Hours: Museum 10-5pm 
Cost: €18 family ticket 
Hiking Time: 20 minutes to first castle, 30 minutes from first to the second. Note the hike from 1 to 2 is very steep and in winter the path is not cleared. 
Tip: hiking is free--Ask the museum for the "treasure map."  This is a children's guide which will make the hike a little more interesting.  
There are two castles and honestly, I shouldn't call them castles, the first one, Ehrenberg served as a store house and the higher one Schloßkopf was a fortress built in 1741. This area of Austria was important during the middle ages as the road connecting Venice and Germany ran straight through here and just what were they trading?  White gold, called SALT!  
Along the hike there are kid friendly fables.  Notice the two pictures on the right.  The sign above tells you the shape of the mountain is the result of a naughty dragon who was slain.
 The Schloßkopf is the highest fortress in Austria.
When you've finished hiking you can head into the cute town of Reutte or drive over to Neuschwanstein near Füssen, as they are only about 5 miles away. If you plan your day well you could knock out 4 castles in one day.

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  1. This must be an amazing place to see. The mountains are majestic!

  2. Oh you are sooooo giving me the travel bug!!!!!!!! Why is it when I drive to my neighboring New Jersey I just don'g feel like I get the same experience! haha

    1. It helps we live in Munich. I am afraid when we return to the USA we will be so disappointed that a 2 hour drive doesn't land us in another country. We've been spoiled to say the least.

  3. These are amazing! How fun that you could experience such a place. Thank you for sharing it with us!