What Are You Doing This Weekend?

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One of the best things about living in Munich is our proximity to the mountains.  We can get down to Garmisch in about an hour (barring traffic) and be hiking the Zugspitzland in no time flat.  There are thousands of miles of hiking trails all marked by these yellow signs and with varying degrees of difficulty.  We started toward the Riessersee then connected with another trail so our total hiking time was about 3 hours.  The trail was maintained and not to steep; my 9 year old was perfectly capable of managing the hike. Along the way we stopped at the Olympia Bobbahn or bobsled track.  
Opened in 1910, it was the first bob-sled track in the world.  The 1936 Winter Olympic Bob-sledding games were held here, on this track.  The track officially closed to racing in 1966.  Today it is a historic monument and you can hike up the track.
There are loads of resources for hiking in the area. Naturally, most are in German, but here are a few English links to get you started. It goes with out saying...bring a map, even if it's the little one you print from one of the sites below. You don't want to solely rely on the yellow path markers.
www.alpenverein.de  (this link is in German)