Munich Monday--Pinakotheke der Moderne

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Munich has a great selection of museums and you know me, I'm a museum girl. But truth be told, I am not a lover of modern art, so when our photography club decided to take a field trip to the Pinakothek Moderne I wasn't really excited.  But since this was more about practicing our photography skills I joined the group and I am really glad I did.  We arranged for a private tour guide who helped make sense of some of the "art" we saw and were able to take some really cool shots.  
The Details
Address: Barerstr. 40 Munich
Hours: 10am-6pm, Thur 10am-8pm
Cost: €10
Transportation: U3/U6 Konigsplatz, Universität

This ceiling reminds me of an apple-corer-slicer.
After the museum, a friend and I walked over to Nam Nam for lunch.  If you are real Thai aficionado, this might not cut it for you, but my uncultured tongue enjoyed it. They have a unique pricing structure.  Menu items are assigned a color and the price of your dish is determined by the color. I ordered the green curry and my girl friend ate the veggie curry with red sauce.  The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating, the vibe is friendly and our server was very attentive.

The Details
Address: Amalienstr. 25 Munich
Cost: Lunch menu ranges from €7-10 for entree

The area around the museum is full of restaurants, so there are plenty of choices from the simply bakery and traditional German to Italian and Vietnamese.