Munich Monday

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Yesterday we returned from a two week holiday to Thailand and Cambodia.  Munich greeted us with her characteristic cloudy skies and rainfall as she always does, but I didn't mind.  How could I when I'd been blessed with two solid weeks of sunshine and hot temperatures.  While away spring bloomed into full action.  The grass in the back yard is 5 inches high, the wisteria, apple and lilac trees have flowered and my peony bushes are drooping under the weight of their heavy blossoms.
This morning when I set out for a run around the lake I found the water chickens have laid nests near the shoreline, a mother swan was sitting on her eggs and one family of ducklings had already hatched. As much as one hates to leave the beach, I am so happy to be back in Germany, gray skies and all. Spring time, with its renewal of life, is so wonderful and I am glad we didn't miss it entirely.

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  1. It feels like autumn again to me right now, come out sun!! Hope you had a wonderful trip! :)