National Museum of Rome

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Rome has many quality museums, more than you could visit in one trip.  And if you've been to the Vatican Museum you might think there is no reason to hit any others, but you'd be wrong.  I agree, you've got to pace yourself as it's easy to get overloaded on ancient Rome, but if you find yourself near the Termini station I would recommend a stop at the National Museum of Rome or Museo Nationale Romano.  They offer free luggage storage, so it a perfect place to begin or end your trip if you are flying in/out of Rome. 
The Details
Address: Largo di Villa Peretti, Rome--Yellow building across street from Termini Station
Hours: 9am-7:45 pm; T-Sun, closed Monday
Cost: €7
Transportation: Any bus or train that goes to Termini Station
Right now the museum has a special exhibit on mythical monsters; it was really good.  You see these creatures all over in ancient painting and sculpture, so to put a face with a name and purpose helped me better interpret the other art I see around town.

The top floor of the museum is dedicated to Roman wall painting on a grand scale.  Many of these works have been literally cut off the walls of homes and brought here.  They are beautiful!  My favorite is the garden scene from Livina's dining room.  The blue room is full of identifiable flora and fauna all painted with such a delicate hand, I love it!
My husbands favorite piece in all of Rome is the bronze boxer, below.  The details in his face, hands and back are so life like.  His flesh is torn from the fight, the muscles in his back are taut and the detail of this ancient boxing gloves is so interesting.  He seems to have been defeated, or maybe he has won, but it simply exhausted, I don't know...Anyways, he is a fantastic work of art.
The first time we went to Rome I fell in love with the nude female at the left.  See, we had this game called, "find my body in a Roman statue." Well, that, my friends is me; we named her "Brooke's Belly".  So, when I rounded the corner and found her on this trip I had to laugh and take another picture.   Bob looks a bit more akin to the discus thrower.

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  1. Wow Brooke, lovely shots! We didn't make it there this visit, next time around! :)