10 Reasons To Visit Siam Reap, Cambodia

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Traveling to a place like Cambodia seems out of reach for many reasons, maybe it's financial, distance or simply fear.  I was admittedly a little nervous about going because I didn't know what to expect, but after having spent a few days in Siam Reap, I can tell you they've gone to great lengths  to make life easy for the tourist. Here is my list of reasons to love Siam Reap.
1. Short, inexpensive flight from Bangkok.  Several airlines service the one hour flight to Siam Reap and depending on how far in advance you book you can snag some pretty good deals.  We flew Air Asia for about $100/person round trip.
2. Simple Airport Process.  Entrance into Siam Reap is pretty straight forward.  Once you deplane you are shuttled into a line to purchase your tourist visa, stamp your passport and go through immigration.  An ATM is onsite for the cash-only visa and in about 30 minutes you are out the door.
3. Easy Transportation.  Taxi's and tuk tuks abound.  You never need walk anywhere because there is a tuk tuk driver or two on every corner ready to take you where ever you want to go.  Just be sure to negotiate the price before you get in!
4. Good Food.  It is easy and inexpensive to get good food in Siam Reap. If your heart desires an adventure in eating you can get snakes on skewers off the street or play it safe with traditional Thai fare in a sit down restaurant.
5.  Shopping.  We loved our shopping experience in Siam Reap. You will see a lot of the same from shop to shop, (by the end of our trip I noticed just about every woman had a pair of elephant pants) but there are plenty of opportunities to shop whether you are in town or out at the sites.  Here's a tip--the venders inside the Angkor Wat Archaeological Park are more willing to negotiate than those in town.
6.  Water, Water, Everywhere.  Siam Reap is hot and you will drink a lot of water.  The locals know this and consequently there are vendors selling ice cold water and soda pop everywhere.  If you didn't want to carry water while exploring the ruins (you'd be crazy not to, but...) you really don't have to because there will be someone selling it at the entrance and exit of every temple.
7. Friendly.  The Cambodian people are friendly!  From the hotel staff to the taxi driver to the restaurant server, people are friendly!  Our hotelier went out of his way to service our every need and they did it with a smile!
8. Great Sites!  Okay, the reason to visit Siam Reap is to see the Khmer ruins of Angkor Wat.  The massive stone temples crumbling under the weight of tree roots do not disappoint and their mythology is so foreign to many of us it's real education.  There are also very few rules and restrictions when romping around the ruins.  You are free to explore and discover; my kids really liked that!
9. Night Life.  Looking for something to do after you've left the ruins?  Pub Street comes to life in the evening with bars, restaurants and shopping.  Looking for a massage, fish pedicure or tattoo? You can do it all on Pub St.
10. Swenson's Ice Cream.  This one was contributed by my daughters.  After almost 4 years of European gelato, we loved the familiar taste of American ice-cream--it's predictable flavors, sundae's and shakes. We ate it almost every day.


  1. It looks amazing, I love your photos. I only made it as far as Vietnam, hope to get to Cambodia one day! :)

  2. Lovely photos!! I want to go to Cambodja some day, and it was great to read about your trip! Thanks for sharing :)