A Run Through Ljubliana

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Good morning from Ljubliana, Slovenia. I like almost nothing better than starting my day off with a run, the earlier the better. My husband always packs his running shoes when we travel because he loves running through new cities. I don't always feel safe and some cities simply aren't runner friendly so while I too usually have my trainers, I only use them about half the time.  This morning was the exception.  Ljublana's clean, pedestrian friendly city center, is great for an early jog. Paths line the river on both sides for an 'easy to remember the way' run. And if hills are your thing (like my husband) there are a couple ones with easy to find trails that take you up to the castle over looking the city.  The reward of running early is witnessing  the city as it wakes up. Local farmers were setting up market stalls and shop keepers were sweeping their sidewalks.  It was a good start to my day. Enjoy yours! 


  1. Looks gorgeous! I declined the offer of a run through Sarajevo's hills last year, I know they have cleared most of the mines but.... :D

    1. Thank you! I'm passing altogether on Sarajevo--despite your and Erin's glowing review.