Postojna Cave

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I've been to a few caves in my lifetime and they are okay, but not usually at the top of my list of things to see. Postojna is near Predjama Castle which is what I really wanted to see, but I could hardly justify the distance for one cool castle location to my husband, so we decided to do both and I am glad we did.  Postojna Cave is spectacular, I've never seen a cave with such variety in formations. From drippy candle wax like stalactites to spaghetti noodle ceilings and formations that reminded me of sea coral--it's an amazing underworld that happens over the course of millions of years and all without the help of mankind.  

A visit to the cave begins by taking a train in about 1/2km.  Then you walk through several galleries before taking the train back out.  The lighting adds to the mood and as a special bonus, a group of singers performed in the concert gallery.  Their voices were heavenly! 
The Details
Address: 45 minutes southwest of Ljubljana on the A1 motorway.  Exit at Postojna, follow signs for the cave. 
Hours: Open 365 days 9am-5 or 6pm
Cost: €29 adults/€23 teens/€17.40 children
Tip: If you plan to visit Predjama Cave buy a combo ticket, it will save you a few dollars.  Also, tours of the cave start on the hour, so plan accordingly.  Predjama Castle is only 5km away, you can always visit that first if you have time to spare.