Predjama Castle

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Built snug up against the mouth of a cave, Predjama Castle's setting is what makes this worth seeing. Honestly, even if all you did was drive out and snap this photograph, it would be worth your time--it's just very cool! And if you are in the area it probably means you will be touring the Postojna Caves anyways, (which I'll be blogging about tomorrow) so drive 5 more miles and see the castle.  
The Details
Address: Predjama 1 6230 Postojna
Hours: 9am-6pm
Time: 45 minutes if you tour the castle
Cost: €9adult/ €5.40 children
Tip: If you plan to plan to enter the castle and the caves consider the combo ticket, it will save you a couple of bucks.  Or just skip the castle tour, it's not that great.

View from the castle towards the small village. 

A castle has been on this site for about 700 years.  Over time it has been expanded and enlarged, but more interesting is the legend of its most infamous owner who met his death while "using the facilities."  Whether you consider him a robber baron or Robin Hood, he rebelled against the autocracy of the 15th century and holed up in his almost, impregnable castle.   
We bought a combo ticket and toured the castle; it was okay, but not awesome!  The dungeon was the most interesting room for my daughter.  I can't imagine being held in a dark, wet, drippy hole in the ground.
You can access the cave from inside the castle. There isn't much to see here, save your caving expectations for Postojnska Jama.


  1. This looks like a great place... love the dungeon in particular


  2. Fabulous shots of the castle.

  3. How on earth did they manage to build it there!

    1. Even more fun is that a river sort disappears under the castle.

  4. That's a wonderful place, I love the Croatian mountains.

  5. Wow....I do honestly wish I COULD drive the extra 5 miles to see this....but hey, I'd have to cross an ocean first.

    Wow...simply wow.

  6. The setting is lovely. Thanks for sharing a bit of the history.

    Also thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting.

  7. Very cool castle. Thanks for the blog visit!