Vintgar Gorge

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All of the Bled region is beautiful, but if you want to add a nice hike, head over to the Vintgar Gorge.  The cool thing about Vintgar is that you get to walk directly next to, over and along the river path over water falls and rushing water.  The board-walked path is only a mile long, so it's hardly a hike and very easy with children. 
The Details
Address: There really isn't one.  Leaving Bled, follow the signs for Podhom then Vintgar.  You will wind through a small neighborhood on a narrow road, keep going--every few minutes you will see a sign pointing the way.
Hours: May-October 8am-7pm
Cost: €4 adults/children free
Tip: We drove and parked in the free lot, but we saw plenty of walkers coming from town, it's only 2.5 miles.
When you reach the end of the gorge, you have two options: turn around and return the same way, or hike out over the top. We chose the later.  At the snack shop take the staircase to the right leading up toward Katarina. There are intermittent signs pointing to Lake Bled. Eventually you will come to a restaurant over looking the Bled Valley. If you've walked to the gorge this is the end of your hike--walk back into town.  If you drove you need to continue the circular trail which will eventually lead you back to the parking lot. It's a longish hike with lots of tree-stumps fallen on the trail.
If you plan to hike out, ask for directions and a map when you buy your entrance ticket.  The map is pretty crude, but we found our way and with no complaining from our 9 year old.  I will warn you though, you need a sense of adventure.

This little church is the half-way point of the hike.  If you walked from town, you will take the road in front of this church back into Bled.

If you continue on, this is where the fun really begins.  We had to climb over, under and around no fewer than 15 trees blocking the trail.  In total, the hike took us about 2 hours.


  1. What wonderful scenery. Well worth the trouble of dodging trees!

  2. Beautiful!
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