World Cup!

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Sports fans the world over are on fire with excitement as the World Cup begins today.  While I don't claim to be an overzealous sports fan, certain members of my family are and I've been infected with their enthusiasm. 

For almost 4 years the TV has sat in the basement hardly used accept for the occasional movie or Wii game.  It was not connected to cable or satalite and I have not missed the noise.  About two weeks ago my husband said, "I think we need to bring TV upstairs and connect it to satalite."  I couldn't imagine why and then it dawned on me...SOCCER and WORLD CUP!  

With our TV installed, flag flying, new door mat and festive cups we are officially ready for the World Cup!  Good luck to all the teams, but I'll be routing first for the US and secondly for Germany.

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  1. I'm a happy football addict and I share the enthusiasm of your family. Germany just crushed us (Portugal), let's just hope US won't do the same :p
    Enjoy the tournament!!!