Munich Monday: Kletterwald

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Okay Munich, this is LOADS of fun and perfect for the family.  I've never seen a kletter park in the United States and boy are we missing out.  My oldest had done this on a school field trip, but we'd never been as a family so when some friends invited us we jumped at the chance.  Waldkletterpark is north of Munich about 40 minutes, but these "flying through the trees" parks are easily found throughout Bavaria.  
The Details
Address: Schrobenhausenerstr. 85305 Jetzendorf
Hours: Th/F 2-7pm, S/S/Holidays 9am-7pm
Cost: €22 adults/ €10-18 children depending on age  
Tip: If your GPS is like ours it won't get you all the way there--Keep your eye out for kletterwald signage as you head out of Jetzendorf.  Wear comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes.  Bring snacks, there are picnic tables and a small play ground for the wee ones too small to climb.  
So what exactly is a kletter park? It is an obstacle course up in the trees.  Don't worry, they harness you up pretty securely, but if you are afraid of heights this might be not be the best activity for you.  Stations are rated from easy to difficult and the hardest ones have an age limit as they require strength that a younger child would not have.  After a bit of training you are turned loose to do as many stations as you can in 2.5 hours. There is a good variety to keep every skill level happy and busy.
You will have to forgive the poor quality photos, but they give you an idea of what I'm trying to describe. There are platforms high in the trees where you switch from one obstacle to the next and at the end you zip line back to the ground.  It is so much fun, but can really test your strength, and your nerves.
In the obstacle below I am walking a tight rope like at a circus.
At the end of the afternoon our muscles were sore and hands a bit raw, but everyone was smiling.  The little kids were excited to have accomplished something "without" mom's help, the teens were happy to have overcome some fears, and the adults...well, I was just glad I had the strength to keep up with the kids.  Lot's of fun!
View from the parking lot back towards the village of Jetzendorf.

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  1. Now I know that my daughter would be absolutely in 7th heaven to do this! I once tried, and wimped out half way round on a business teambuilding thing, but there's no way I'd be beaten by my 10 year old, so I'd just have to go for it!