The Romantic Road--Schloß Harburg

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We set out this morning with our faces towards Dinkelsbühl, but when we came across a castle right smack in the middle of the road, it begs to be explored, right?!  My good natured girls humored me as I jumped out of the car and across a lane of traffic to find just the right vantage for this picture.  

Come to find out, we were driving the Romantic Road which travels through several quaint cities including Rothenburg ob der Tauber and Füssen. It's a lovely drive and another good day trip from Munich.  
With our cousin in town (she's not so "over it" as my girls are) I had the perfect excuse to veer off the highway and discover a new town.  When we saw this yellow house my daughter said, "pull over, mom, you know you want to!" I can not resist a yellow house with a curly Q facade and flowers and green shutters.  Honestly, how cute is this house!

We eventually made our way through town and up to the castle.  Entrance to the court yard is free, but if you want to see inside you must pay for a tour (in German only).  The girls were content with seeing the castle from the outside, so we didn't go on the tour. The castle complex was built in the 11-12 centuries.

This well was originally 129 meters deep; it took a treadmill 30 minutes to bring up a bucket of water. Today it is only about 50 feet deep as the highway travels directly under/through the castle mount.
View of the city below.  This is one of the many reasons I love Germany...there is always something new to discover, explore or learn.