World Cup

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One of the advantages of living in Europe is seeing how the country rallies around its team.  Oh, we've got spirit in the USA, don't get me wrong, but soccer is KING in Europe and the German's are crazy with team spirit.  There is almost nothing more fun than attending a public viewing of a fußball  match!  Strangers will meet in biergartens, pubs and even organize neighborhood viewings to support their team in a very communal way.  And while most have a local favorite during the regular season, when it comes to the national team there is no division--German's root for Deutschland.  

I cheered for the USA, but tonight I will sit with my neighbors enjoying bratwürst & bretzen and cheer for the team who's country has been my home for the last 4 years.  Viel glück, Deutschland!  


  1. You must have had a lot of fun watching yesterday's match against Brazil! Germany plays such beautiful football.

  2. Would have given anything to have been in Germany on Sunday night when they won the WC! My husband practically cried for joy!