Munich Monday: Berchtesgaden, Königsee and The Eagle's Nest

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Berchtsgaden and the valley around the Konigsee have to be one of the most beautiful places in southern Germany.  The glacier fed, crystal clear lake sits at the bottom of the Obersalzburg mountain range creating dramatic vistas that rival any other's in Europe.  Add to that its place in World War 2   and you've got the perfect reason to visit.  Kehlstein, the German name for Eagle's Nest, was Adolf Hitler's vacation hideaway.  Today it is a privately owned restaurant serving up traditional German fare and commanding views of the Obersalzburg. 

Getting to the top of the mountain is easy enough.  You can not drive your car all the way to the top--you must park in the lot about half way up, then board a bus which will take you the rest of the way.    Tickets for the bus ride to the top can be purchased in the parking lot right next to the bus depot. Once you arrive at the top you must have your bus ticket validated and a return time stamped.  The recommended visit is 2 hours which was plenty of time for my mom and I to eat lunch and snap a few pictures.  Obviously, if you are interested in hiking you will need more time.   

The Details
Address: Kehlsteinhaus 83471 Berchtsgaden, Germany
Hours: first bus 8:30am, last return bus 4:50pm
Cost: €16 bus ride there and back
Tip: It is steep, but it is possible to hike to the Eagle's Nest
This tunnel leads you to the elevator which opens up right inside the restaurant on top the mountain.  Tunnel and elevator cabin are original to Hitler's time.  I'll admit, it is a bit surreal to walk in a hallway where one of the world's most historic figures walked.

Ceiling beams and fireplace are original to Hitler's design.

After lunch we drove a few miles down the road that literally dead ends at the Königsee.  There is a strip of stores that lead to the lakefront where you can catch a ferry that will take you to the other end of the lake or rent kayaks and explore on your own.  There really isn't much to do here other than hike, eat and enjoy the surroundings.


  1. A spectacular setting would love to eat there. Love the 2nd last photo - it looks intriguing.