Munich Monday--Garmisch Rodlbahn

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My niece spent two weeks with us last month and what a blast we had.  Madison is a happy girl, she laughs a lot and she made us laugh!  One of the things she wanted to do was hike in Garmisch, so we traveled down to hike through the Partnach Gorge, but the girls spotted the rodelbahn first and there was no way I was getting them to hike after that, so we rode the rodelbahn again and again and again! I think they rode it 4 times.

The Details
Address: Karl-Und Martin-Neuner-Platz 3 82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Cost: €2/kinder. €2.50/adults
Hours: 10am-6pm
Tip: You can easily combine a hike through the gorge with the Rodelbahn, the parking lot is the same for both.  Walk through the Olympic stadium to find the path up to the gorge. Garmisch makes a fun day trip for families.

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