Munich Monday--Oberschleisheim Schloss

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I've written about Oberschleißheim Schloss a number of times because it is such a lovely castle complex and it is very near my home.  However, I've never shown you the interior.  I went again over the summer when my niece was visiting.  Truth be told, she wasn't as impressed, but it remains my mother's favorite of all the palaces in Munich.   

The Details
Address: Schleißheim Palace Complex, Oberschleißheim 85764
Cost: €8 combo ticket/€4.50 Altes palaces only
Hours: T-Sun 9am-6pm April-Sept/ 10am-4pm Oct-Mar


  1. How could anyone NOT be impressed. Wow!

  2. Oh man, I will echo the person above me in saying.. who could not be impressed?! I would die to have something like that where I live.

  3. Brooke wohnt in München (?) - so welcome to Germany, oh, err, not Germany, it's Bavaria! ;-)
    If a German blogger like me is able to write in English, an US blogger like you should also be able to write in German every now and then - so let's check how improved your German language skills are... ;-))
    Es ist immer wieder interessant zu sehen oder zu lesen, wie ein Hinzugezogener Deutschland durch seine Augen sieht. Daher erlaube ich mir, gerade so, wie es meine Zeit erlaubt, den ein oder anderen Post von dir durchzuschauen.
    Das wenige, was ich von dir bereits gesehen habe, zeigt mir, dass du dich in deiner neuen Heimat doch recht wohl fühlst und dir und deiner Familie das Entdecken von Bayern, Deutschland und dem angrenzenden Europa doch sehr viel Freude bereitet.
    All the best for you and your family, Brooke,
    regards from you neighbor state Baden-Wuerttemberg,

  4. What a beautiful interior...reminds me of Versailles! I love all the moulding and ceiling frescos...

  5. Such a lovely room! You almost feel like you are floating on a cloud.