Barcelona Museum

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The History of Barcelona Museum is housed in the palace Torre del Rei and if that weren't cool enough, under the palace are the remains of the ancient Roman town, Barcino. One floor down and you are transported to another world two thousand years old.  Viewable from a walkway above the ruins you pass through a wine factory, a laundry and dying facility, you will see ancient walls and even  a necropolis where they buried their dead. It is so impressive to me that the city has excavated portions of the ancient town and you can experience them with modern Barcelona above you.  This small museum is definitely worth an hour of your time.    

The Details--Museu d'Historia de Barcelona
Address: Plaça del Rei, S/N, 08002 Barcelona, Spain
Hours: T-Sat 10am-7pm; Sun 10am-3pm
Cost: €7