A Sunday Afternoon in Burghausen

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Burghausen Castle, sitting atop a ridge above the Salzach River, is one of Europe's longest castles.  The area was once made wealthy by the salt trade.  It was home to the Bavarian Wittelsbach's duchesses' and their children and an impenetrable fortress where the Dukes kept their gold and silver. 

The first time I visited it was January and it was FREEZING, so I will admit, this was a much more pleasant visit.  I learned a cool thing--there are private citizens living on the castle grounds.  When I asked how one purchased such a unique property I was told these NEVER go up for sale, but rather are passed down within families.  Many of the homes had signs indicating private property and please no photographs, so I tried to comply--but how COOL would it be to live in a complex that is 1000 years old!  Okay, maybe the constant strain of the tourist eye would become a nuisance, but I think I could put up with a little of that for an awesome piece of history and a great view. 

The Details
AddressBurg Nr. 48 84489 Burghausen 
Location: about 1.5 hour east of Munich
Hours: open daily April-September 9am-6pm/October-March 10am-4pm 
Cost: Free to walk along park-like path. Museum entrance €4.50 adults, children free or free with Bayern Castle Card
Time: 1 hour
Parking: Parking is tricky.  There is a lot, but it is small.  If it is full you must park down the street at the church or even farther back on the street.

I absolutely adore this tree!
Town below, accessible by a ramp that runs the length of the fortress complex.