Graffiti or Street Art?

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I really enjoy street art-graffiti!  Every time I see a "tag" I wish I could speak to the youth and ask for something constructive and more clever.  When walking around Krakow one neighbourhood in particular was full of really cool art, some even thought provoking.  Enjoy the colourful creativity of these street artists.  
What do you see, flies or bees?
This piece of art work really drew me in.  From a distance I thought the boy was kicking a soccer ball. It wasn't until I got right up on it that I realised it was a skull.  Is the artist trying to say something about the absence of a feeling for the sanctity of life?  Is he referencing Poland's past or is it a commentary on their present condition?

Having recently endured a root canal this spoke to me.
What you don't see so well in this photo is the bottom where a mass of people have gathered.  Is this a riot, or does it recall an episode familiar to Polish citizens?  I don't know, but I am certain lectures could be given on the social meaning of all this street art.  I love it!

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