Munich Monday: Hiking the Geigelstein

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Notice how the clouds seem to be spilling over the mountains in the background?  This was our early morning view as we embarked on our hike.  As you can see, we are already high above the valley floor and that's because we hiked about 1/3 the total distance the night before.

When we hike as a family we typically do a day trip, up and back,  we've never done an overnight hike together.  So, when Bob's boss arranged this family-friendly hike in the Chiemgau I was excited, but unsure what to expect.  The only thing I knew for sure was anything I packed in, I'd have to pack out so I was very judicious to bring only the essentials.

Having parked our car at the Geigelsteinbahn we walked about an hour to the mountain guesthouse we'd be staying in for the night. What a delightful way to spend an evening! Once settled we were able to shower (in the communal bath) then enjoy dinner in the cozy warmth of the family styled living room.  The menu was limited, but but the food was very good.  Even better was the small game room perfect for children wanting to hangout.  After a comfortable sleep in our private room we awoke early for a 7am departure.
The round trip journey to the top of Geigelstein took about 3.5 hours.  Along the way we passed cows pasturing for the summer.  The trail was quite wet and muddy, and towards the end it got difficult for some of the younger hikers.  But, oh what a view from the top!  The Geigelstein is the highest peak in the Chiemgau area and borders Austria.  The nice thing about breaking up the hike over two days was that by starting early we were back down to our guest house in time for a late morning breakfast.After sunning ourselves on the lawn furniture we packed up and headed back down to the cars.  I can't say enough about the service and comfort we received at Wuhrsteinalm.  The host was very helpful and super friendly.  I can with confidence recommend this hike and the guest house.  
This small structure houses the "summit Mary."  I just love how practically all high spots are commemorated with a cross.


  1. Love the clouds in the hills, how cool. Thanks for linking up and sharing.

  2. This is so cool - Sounds like just the kind of adventure I'd love!!

  3. Stunning first image! The clouds are amazing!

  4. How pretty! That first picture showing the switch back trail is my favorite. :)