Chicken Bruschetta

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Are you like me and buy seasonings when you travel?  My spice pantry is full of curry and cumin from Morocco,  Eros Pista (spicy hot red pepper paste) from Hungary, and various Italian spice packets from Italy. Last summer while in Spain we stopped at a grocery in a small town and they just so happened to have La Costena Salsa Verde--something I can not get in Germany-- I bought every can they had!  The problem is, we are moving in 9 months and I can't take food with me, so in an effort to use it up I am getting creative.  

I bought this package of Bruschetta seasoning* at the Victualienmarkt, presumably as a seasoning for bread, but it's been sitting unopened in my spice cupboard for at least two years.   Last night, in an attempt to reinvent the chicken breast, I pulled the Bruschetta out and used it as the seasoning for my chicken.   
I drizzled olive oil over the chicken then generously rubbed each piece in the bruschetta mix.  I topped off the chicken with a can of tomatoes and fresh green onions. Then sprinkled a bit more seasoning on top.  I baked the chicken in my new Polish pottery crock pot (don't you just love it?) at 350* for about 30 minutes. 
I served the chicken with pasta and it was a hit with the family!  I love it when I discover a simple, simple recipe that is quick and tasty!
*The seasoning ingredients include tomato flakes, peppers, onion, garlic, salt, oregano, basil and a few other things I can't really translate.  

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