Munich Monday: Blomberg Hike

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I am active with our church's youth group and participate as a chaperone on our monthly activities.  The one thing I appreciate about this group (compared to our US youth group) is that they are physically active--we will usually have a hike in the summer, a hike in the winter and we have a 4 day long camp that is called Sportstaggung--or sport week.  For this particular activity we hiked the trail that takes you past the Blomberg Sommerrodelbahn.  It was a steep and challenging hike, but the path is dotted with nature stations identifying trees and small activity stations for when you need a breather.  
The Details
Address: Am Blomberg 2 83646 Bad Tölz-Wackersberg
Parking: €2 whole day
Rodelbahn Hours: 10:00-5:00pm
Cost: one ride €5 adults/€4 children
Time: 2 hours

The view from the top is fantastic.  We actually got to watch a paraglider as he prepared to make his jump off the top of the mountain.  The safety of his life depends on an incredibly thin parachute with equally thin strings attaching himself and the parachute.  The only piece of "high tech" equipment he had was a small box indicating wind direction.
The hike up to the rodelbahn takes about 45 minutes and from there it's another 45-60 minutes to the summit.  We ate lunch at the top then walked back down to the rodelbahn where we rode the bahn the rest of the way down. It was a perfect ending to the hike.  This is a super family friendly hike with options--one can even take a chair lift to the top if you aren't in the hiking mood.
The kids are all smiles now that the reward for hiking is at their finger tips.