Munich Monday: Hiking Schildenstein/Wolfsschlucht

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Another beautiful fall day in the mountains south of  Munich.  This hike was recommended to me by my friend Mardee over at Sporty Girl Travel.  She is incredibly fit and a really good resource for outdoor fun in the Munich area.  The photos aren't that great because I took them with my iPhone; I just hate carrying around my big camera when the goal is a strenuous hike.  
Starting Point: Set GPS to Wildbad Kreuth, park in the large lot just after Wildbad Kreuth. Pay the parkschein and head across the bridge. Ignore the sign to the right of the bridge, continue straight ahead on the road following signage that says Schildenstein. Following this path will lead you past the Gasthaus Altes Bad--this is your last chance for refreshment.  Continue following signage that says Schildenstein ober die Wolfsschlucht.  This is the pleasant part of the hike.  When you reach the waterfall things get a bit more tricky. As a matter of fact, I'd say you could bring your younger children to this point, it would make for a nice round trip hike just over an hour. But, going above the waterfall you have to use the cables to pull yourself up, so those afraid of heights or not so strong might not like this trail.  From this point the trail is steep and sometimes slippery.  I didn't take many photos to be safe.  Once you reach the ridge the scenery is lovely and the terrain is mainly flat.   
As with all mountains I've climbed in Germany, this one has a cross at the top and on this particular day the summit was busy with hikers.
Now, you have a choice--you can go back the way you came (boring) or go down on the backside.  We chose the backside which treated us to beautiful views and a trail that was wide and simple to navigate.  The hike took a total of about 5 hours.
For more technical details visit this blog.