Athens Marathon

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 My husband is a marathon runner--he's not a winner, he's not the fastest jock on the block, but he is consistent and loves a challenge.  Many of our vacations in Europe have been built around that city's marathon; it's a formula that works for us.  The idea of running the "original" marathon was too tempting for Bob to pass up and so even though it is a predominately up hill course, he set his sights towards Athens.
It was a great trip--just the two of us with perfect fall weather and I have a really good hotel recommendation to share.  
Athens Diamond Plus
Address: Voulis 24 & Mitropoleos St.
Metro Station: Syntagma
Great location near the metro station and within walking distance of all major sites.
Bonus: Breakfast included and best bed I've slept in in Europe.  Clean, white decor made it seem like a bridal suite. Friendly staff helped us locate an English movie theater.

Marathon Review:
1. Race organization/packet pick up was very good.  Our flight did not arrive until late and the race commissioner held our packet for late pick up.  Very pleasant staff!  
2. Race Course: Uphill, challenging, one long straight road back into Athens.
3. Course takes you through 17 different communities, good crowd participation.
4. Food stations: often and plentiful with food and drink.
5. Tons of fans at the end--very historic finish entering Olympic stadium.
6. Race entry comes with a free public transportation pass good for 5 days (Th-M).
The best test--would he run it again?  ABSOLUTELY! 


  1. Way to go to your husband! Did you guys fly? I totally get what you said in your comment to me about more to share on your Isreal trip and maybe not sharing. Blogging is always a fine balance of how much to share.