Caesarea Maritima

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During the Roman Era, Caesarea was the capital of the Judaean Province.  King Herod constructed a model Roman city complete with a theater, bath complex, hippodrome, artificial harbor and a grand seaside palace. At it's peak it had over 100,000 inhabitants making it the largest city in Judea.

It is an important site for Christians for a number of reasons. First, the so called Pilate Stone which actually identifies Pontius Pilate as the governor or prefect of the land of Judea was found here. Secondly, the first convert among the Gentiles, Cornelious, was baptized here. Third, Paul was held prisoner here for 2 years and Philip the Apostle lived here.

The amphitheater could seat 4000 spectators.
 Remains of the palace and government buildings from the Roman era.
 Herod's palace had a swimming pool right on the sea--how opulent.
This ruin is in the palace and may possibly be the room where the Apostle Paul pled his case.  In 58 AD, he was accused of causing a riot and was sent to Caesarea to be tried by the governor.  Being a Roman citizen he demanded to be heard by the Emperor in Rome.  He sailed to Rome from the harbor at Caesarea.  Acts 25

The once fantastic Roman harbor has all but fallen into the sea. 

 Remains of an ancient Roman aqueduct.


  1. That was one of the first places I went to in Israel - so gorgeous!

  2. I would love to go here some time!

    1. We had a great time and felt safe the entire time.

  3. Wow, thanks for sharing. This was very special to see. Rebecca

  4. So much history that makes the Bible stories come to life!

  5. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing!

  6. What an amazing piece of architecture, we have not progressed that far really, they were more advanced than we give them credit for I think


  7. Thanks for sharing so many informations and lovely photos in your posts here, at least i see things that i might not see in this lifetime. I am so envious of lives like yours, because you travel a lot. I wonder what your works are to bring you to so many places and why you are an expat. Thank you.