Augsburg Market

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I am a bit behind in reporting my December visit to the Augsburg vegetable market. Eden had a day off from school so the two of us took the chance to have a mommy daughter date. 

I love the town of Augsburg, about 40 miles west of Munich--it has the perfect sized down town. I like its outdoor shops, it's Rathaus or city hall building right in the center.  I love the ancient walls surrounding the city, I love the large church at the opposite end of main street, and it has the most colorful veggie market where I can always find something curious to buy.  Also, there is a great gift shop that never fails me when I am in need of a present, which I was on that day.   

Notice how beautiful that pumpkin is--Honestly, before I moved to Europe the only pumpkin I was familiar with was the Halloween jack-o-lantern. Oh, how my eyes and taste buds have been enlightened. And look at those...I don't even know what to call them...maybe potatoes?  They looked like giant grubs to me, so I couldn't bring myself the buy any, but how amazing is nature.  This post is nothing more than eye candy and a plug for one of my favorite cities near Munich.  

I have no idea how the hearts made it into the apple, but Eden loved it!  But notice those chocolate Santa's--their eyes are so creepy!  They hardly look happy or inviting!  

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  1. Augsburg is a very nice town. My husband lives there for a few years. I love it.
    Greetings from Nürnberg