Munich Monday

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I had the best dinner recently and had to share.  I am a LOVER of salad...I know, "really, a salad when you eat out"...but yes, I love salad and this one I ate at Pschorr was lecker (that's German for very good)!  The steak was perfectly tender and the variety of greens made for a very interesting fusion of flavors.  The herbed butter was a great compliment to the meat and the vinaigrette dressing not to strong or acidic.  Pschorr serves traditional German food and is located behind the Viktualian Market near Marianplatz.  Call ahead for reservations especially on the weekend. 
Address: Viktualienmarkt 15 
Phone: +49 89 442383940 

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  1. This salad looks amazing! I have never had a salad like this in Germany! Things must be changing in cuisine. Lucky you!