Silent Sunday

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On our recent trip to London, Eliza was adamant she introduce Eden to the wonderful world of Hamley's, the world's oldest toy store.  What a super fun store, but for all the fantastic toy demonstrations going on below, we found ourselves stuck on the top floor in candy HEAVEN! 

Among other things, like the "make your own lollypop" station, they have an awesome "shake shack" where you can custom order the world's greatest milkshake. Okay, maybe it's because we haven't  had a proper milkshake in almost 5 years, but let me tell you it was so, so good! I seriously sucked the last bit of goodness from the bottom until the straw made those disgusting sounds you teach your children to avoid! 

Oh, and another cool thing about Hamley's, you can have a sleep over birthday party there.  Yeah, starting at 500£ per child, they will create just about any themed party you want.  When I joked that these were parties for the Brad and Angalina's of the world the worker laughed and said, "no, just millionaires!"

Eden was throughly disappointed that this was NOT a taste testing station.

Here is a closeup of just some of the candy choices at the shake shake.

Our only royal spotting of the trip.



  1. My kids LOVE Hamleys too and we have to make a pilgrimage there every time we go to London.

  2. Lovely photos - Hamleys is such a great place to visit :-)

  3. omigosh, every child's (and adult if I'm honest!) dream place. Haven't been to Hamleys in years, must take my little one up there #mysundayphoto

  4. That place looks amazing, I would love to visit with the kids! We haven't been to London but we are hoping to go next year.

  5. What a fab place to explore, I bet you all had a fantastic time.

  6. I have never taken the girls to Hamleys as I'm scared it will be too expensive

    Thank you for linking up

  7. Wow thats a paradise right there! #mysundayphoto