The National Gallery

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Have I mentioned I love London?  Eliza was 6 the last time we visited the National Gallery of Art and Eden had never been, so we spent the cold afternoon thawing out in one of the world's best art museums.  I've photographed a few of our favorites.  I never cease to be amazed at how art can move us and evoke clear emotions.  As I've gotten older I have grown to love Byzantine art, but my girls find it redundant and that's the awesome thing about art, there is something for everyone. Enjoy the works below--I am interested to know which ones speak to you.  
Look at this girl's porcelain face and the way the folds in her silk dress lay.  She is about to be executed for no crime other than being a young princess betrayed by scheming counselors.  As we walked past the female nude below Eden said, "just say no to crack!"  We got a good laugh at that one so I had to circle back and photograph her.

When I saw the painting of the sleeping Bacchus and that naughty horn blower I couldn't help think of how you never get a moments peace when you have little children.  Even now my 10 year old will still disturb the peace of my sleep.  

Notice the detail and rich colors in the Byzantine paintings--the halos and dresses are so amazing to me--if only I could afford one!  

The Victoria Albert Museum is an eclectic collection of monumental art including altarpieces like the one below, casts of some of the most famous church facades and Roman architectural pieces like Trajan's Column.  The best thing about London's museums is that they are free--donations are gladly accepted.  


  1. I so want to return to London! I loved this museum last time I was there!

  2. Very nice...I'd love to visit London some day. I've only been in the airport so that doesn't really count.

  3. It really is the best city in the world - of course I am biased! Glad you liked the National Gallery, it's one of my faves! :) xx

  4. haven't been to London yet but looking forward to it.
    i love, love your photos.
    thanks for sharing them. can't choose which ones were my fave though, they all looked interesting.
    and like you, i could stay hours just browsing each room.
    i always wish i have "more" time to understand each painting and its story.
    and yes, i love museums that offer free access and doesn't prohibit you to take fotos.

  5. Ahhh London.... my heart aches to live in Europe again, but mostly to live in England again. I did not get to take my kids The National Gallery, instead we went to the British Museum. I love them both though, so it's okay :-D. Great tour here.