Wat Pho, Thailand

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One of the beautiful things Bangkok has to offer is its many Buddhist temples.   From the pantheon of deities to the colorful buildings these holy spaces are visually very different from traditional Western houses of worship. Yet, when taken in pieces it's easy to find commonality -- though theologically on different ends of the spectrum, the idea of connecting on a higher plane is a shared belief.  

One of the oldest and largest temples in Bangkok, Wat Pho is best known for its massive reclining Buddha (160 ft long). It is also believed to be the home of the first Thai massage school. The temple is a working monastery where sacred rites and rituals are performed. It is common to see young monks around the complex and while you can photograph them, women should not try to touch them.  

I have said this many times before...while this is not my religious training, I really appreciated the sincerity of those who came to worship.  The colors are so beautiful and the flowers exotic, the beliefs unique and the need to dress modestly all resonate with me.

The Details
Address: 2 Sanamchai Rd, Bangkok
Hours: 8am-6:30pm
Cost: 200 baht/person
Note: Shorts are not allowed--if you are wearing shorts, you will be given a sarong to cover. Also, before entering shrines you will be asked to take off your shoes.  Bring socks if (like me) you don't like going bare foot. Also, women should not touch the monks. 

We visited during the New Year celebration of Songkran which was loads of fun--everywhere we went there were special events including singing and dancing at many of the shrines.   

These young boys are novice monks. 

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  1. The colors and artistry of the temple and statues are truly amazing....and gorgeous! It's always so interesting to learn about other cultures.

  2. I really like the flowers and all the bright colors. What fruit is your daughter holding?

  3. The colors in Asia are always so stunning. Fantastic captures on your trip!!!