Hotel Review, Hurghada, Egypt

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We spent one week at the SunRise Select Royal Makadi Resort in Hurghada, Egypt.  We booked the all-inclusive hotel online through The resort is actually about 25 minutes from the town of Hurghada which is appealing if you want to avoid crowded tourist areas, but limiting if you crave shopping opportunities or time away from the resort. We wanted nothing more than to sit poolside, so the remote location suited us very well.   
I actually didn't get any photographs of the massive complex because as you can see, we were busy having fun on the slides.  The resort is huge, but with 3 pools, several restaurants and 2 large lobby areas, we never felt like we were tripping over other guests.  The grounds were kept nicely and the hotel staff was very accommodating.   Following is a list of pros and cons.

*We stayed in building 30, somewhat far from the main food hall, swimming pool and lobby.
*Our in room internet service was horrible.  We had to use the internet in the lobby if we wanted to get online.  I think part of the problem was our location.  Guests in building 10 said they had very good internet. 
*Water pressure was at times nothing more than a trickle.  We had two rooms and both rooms suffered from severely low water pressure.  Twice the water stopped completely--only for a minute, but it was a bit buggy.  Again, I think it was complicated by the fact that everyone was showing between 4-6pm before dinner and our location on the top floor.  Our friends in other buildings did not have the same problem. 
*Hotel salesmen come around daily trying to hawk their services.  It wouldn't be that big of a deal if it weren't a constant steam of workers. They are respectful and don't badger, but they are present.  

*Food.  Now there is always going to be someone who is dissatisfied with the quality of the food, but we found it very good.  The selection was incredible; they truly catered to a variety of pallets.  With 3 meals a day, plus snacks and free drinks in between there was no reason to ever be hungry.
*Staff.  Pleasant and helpful.  We had a problem with our laundry not being picked up and they arranged to have it express cleaned but did not charge us the extra service fee.
*AC.  Sometimes hotels advertise air conditioning, only to find it isn't powerful enough to combat the oppressive heat.  Not the case here--we were able to stay nice and comfortable.
*Pools.  My kids loved the slides and when we needed a break from the kid pool we could find a quieter one across the street.
*Tennis Courts.  Now, if you are Roger Federer you probably will have some complaints about the tennis courts, but for the average Jo, they were just fine.  I would recommend bringing your own rackets and balls if you are a serious player as the hotel's equipment is well used.
*Fitness Center.  They actually had a good selection of equipment--we used the gym everyday.

If you ever find yourself in Hurghada, this resort is ideal for families.


  1. It looks like a great place to stay! So I am assuming the tour and hotel were to seperate deals?

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