Temple of Hatshepsut

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The Temple of Hatshepsut is located in the Valley of the Kings. It has been completely restored and while it is a little to "new" feeling, it offers an insight into what kind of grandeur filled these valleys 4 millennia ago. There is not a lick of shade in Valley of the Kings and it just so happened to be the hottest day of the trip.  I've never been so happy to get back to the snack shake for some cold water!

It is quite amazing the level of detail kept by the ancients.  Written on the walls of the temple is an account of an expedition to Punt where the Queen brought back Frankincense trees. The walls even tell where the trees were planted and amazingly enough archeologists were able to locate the roots. Punt is believed to be located south of Egypt, along the Red Sea, perhaps Sudan or Somalia.
Queen Hatshepsut is the only queen to have been elevated to Pharoah. In a society typically ruled by men, she wore a beard and mens clothing in public and surrounded herself with powerful military leaders to give legitimacy to her claims of nobility. 

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